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Church of Saint Anthony the Abbot

The Church of St. Anthony the Abbot is located on the south of Vicovaro. It was founded in ancient times by the Confraternity of the SS. Cross of Vicovaro in the 15th century.

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Ruins of the bridge of the Claudius' Aqueduct

The Claudius' Aqueduct is one of the most important aqueducts of the ancient Rome. The ruins of the bridge are located near the church of Saint Anthony the Abbot.

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Church of Saint Roch

The church of Saint Roch was a stopover for the pilgrims on their journey. Built by the Confraternity of Saint Roch, it greeted the procession dedicated to the Saint on the 16th of August.

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Hermitages of Saint Benedict - after the restoration

The hermitages of St. Benedict overlook a high cliff located on the Aniene river and show a unique striking view.

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Church of the Saints Cosmas and Damian

Built on the ruins of the ancient Roman walls, the church dedicated to the Saints Cosmas and Damian underwent several reconstructions changing its aspect over the centuries.

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Monument to Caio Menio Basso

The sepulchre of Caio Menio Basso is located at the Ramanna hillside slopes, in the area of a modern pit. It results from a reconstruction which took place in 1825.

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