Hermitages of Saint Benedict - after the restoration

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Thanks to a recent restoration, the Hermitages of St. Benedict have been opened to the public again after its inauguration held on 3 October 2015.

By going down the stairs carved into the rock you can admire the distinctiveness and the beauty of this rock complex shaped by the karst action which contributed to the creation of an unusual and evocative game of caves and inlets. At the end of the staircase, on the left, you can see a small cave - once used as ossuary and later walled-up - and a bigger cave, transformed into a rock chapel and dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel. The entrance is characterized by the presence of a molded stone portal of the 15th century coming from the church above and hereafter readapted. By entering you can observe a room excavated in the rock with an apsidal niche and two big frescos on the lateral sides: on the right, there is the representation of the attempted poisoning of Saint Benedict; on the left, Saint Francis attempting to convert the Sultan; whereas at the centre of the apsidal niche there is a Regina Angelorum on the throne between the Archangels Raphael and Gabriel. All the paintings and the decorations were painted by Antonio Rosati and date back to the end of the 7th century. Actually, the rocky complex is characterized by a second group of caves - no longer connected to this first area - where there is the chapel dedicated to St. Benedict, considered his personal cell. A second entrance in the garden - located at the backside of the convent - gives access to this group of caves, but the negligence and the action of time do not allow its usability. The room of the chapel of St. Benedict - supported by a natural pillar - is partly excavated in the rock and partly closed by a masonry. There are two altars inside it: a smaller one with a small half-moon niche, the other one - realized by Rosati in 1683 - having a small square aedicule with the representation of St. Francis and St. Benedict standing in adoration within it. In the masonry part of the chapel, a big window give believers who could not access the seclusion, the chance to see the altar from the street benefiting from the indulgence.

Eremi di San Benedetto
Crocifisso e Affresco - Eremi di San Benedetto
Dettaglio dell'Affresco - Eremi di San Benedetto
Dettaglio dell'Affresco - Eremi di San Benedetto
Esterno degli Eremi di San Benedetto
Eremi di San Benedetto - Esterno
Particolare Affresco - Eremi di San Benedetto
Eremi di San Benedetto - Particolare dell'Esterno
Panoramica dell'Esterno degli Eremi di San Benedetto
Eremi di San Benedetto - Panoramica dell'Interno
Eremi di San Benedetto - Particolare della Roccia


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